The Sopranos Top 3 Toughest Street Fighters

Furio from The Sopranos

The Sopranos Toughest Fighters

Best Fighters on The Sopranos

Tony Soprano Fighting


The Sopranos: The Top Three Fighters Three: Bobby is naturally very strong and powerful. His fighting skills were showcased during his fight against Tony. Though he started with a sucker punch and Carmela helped Bobby unintentionally by jumping on Tony's back, he still faired very well. Two: Furio gained exceptional experience in physical altercations during his time in the Naples mafia as soldier and enforcer. Furio is strong and roughed people up daily. His job was to physically deal with people, he gained real life fighting experience and skills. Tony's strength, tactics, and strategic planning makes him the best fighter on the show. At full health Tony was stronger than both Furio and Bobby. Even when Tony was weak from being shot, he blocked and overpowered Muscles Marinara

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