The Sopranos: Tony and the Ducks?

Tony Soprano, a character from 'The Sopranos,' smoking a cigar near his pool watching ducks.

The Sopranos: Tony and the Ducks?

A Symbolic Reflection of Tony's Inner Turmoil

Delving into the Depths of Tony Soprano's Psyche Through Nature

The Sopranos: What the Ducks Symbolize to Tony Tony Soprano lives in two unbelievably different worlds. In one, he's a father and husband, fiercely protective of his family. In the other, Tony is a powerful mafia boss and killer. He views the ducks much like he views his family: innocent and helpless. Tony is powerless in preventing them from flying away from him at any moment. Any of his evil actions could bring danger to his doorstep and be the direct cause of harm to the ones he loves. Tony can't control the fate of his family or the ducks any more than he can control his own. It haunts Tony that he possesses considerable power, yet lacks control over the danger his life as a mafia boss could unleash. Exposure, imprisonment, or retaliation could destroy the family life he cherishes at any moment. Tony is more powerful than most but he has far less control over his life or his family's than most men. This is directly because Tony has done so many evil things and created so many enemies that vengeance could reign down on his life at any time.
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