The Sopranos Open Audition in 2000

The Sopranos Open Casting Call New Jersey 2000'
The Sopranos: A Casting Story from 2000

The Sopranos: A Casting Story from 2000

In 2000, HBO held an open call for auditions to be on The Sopranos. The hit show had just wrapped its first two seasons, and HBO expected a crowd, but not the 15,000-plus people who showed up! The casting call took place at Harrison High School in New Jersey. The sheer number of people forced HBO to shut down the casting, and the police had to step in to clear the massive traffic jam.

Ultimately, about 5,000 people were auditioned. Denise's story stands out: she arrived at 7:30 in the morning, eager to audition but never got the chance due to the shutdown. Determined, Denise sent in her headshot by mail. A month later, she received a call from the casting office inviting her to come in for a reading. She ended up playing the role of Ginny Sacrimoni. Most fans don't know that Denise wore a fat suit to appear larger.

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