1984's Most Profitable Movies in the USA

1984's Most Profitable Movies in the USA

Year 1984: Most Profitable Movies in the USA

One: Beverly Hills Cop. Eddie Murphy played the ultra slick Axel Foley which grossed $235 Million.

Ghostbusters came in second grossing $230 Million.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom starring Harrison Ford grossed $180.4 Million.

Gremlins is very surprising to me at number five, it grossed $148.7 Million.

This is the most surprising to me on the list, I would have thought The Karate Kid would've easily been one of the top spots, but it grossed $91.4 Million which is close to half the amount of the top movies. How could that be Mr Miyagi?

Police Academy comes in at number six at $81.7 Million.

Footloose starring Kevin Bacon grossed $81.6 Million.

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